ASIO Input Plugin -- PG please review this

I have been unable to create anything but a 24 bit file using the ASIO Input Plugin. Even with Audio File editing preferences/File set to “Create 16 bit temporary files” and “Create named file” unchecked, the untitled.wav files are 24 bit. I am trying to get 32 bit files – Audio File editing preferences/File/Create 32 bit float temporary files does not do it.

In WL6, this always works. In fact, you can save 32 bit fixed point files in WL6.

I am working on a PC. In an earlier post you said you were able to get 32 bit float files using “Create 32 bit float temporary files” I can not get this to work (always 24 bit).

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I have identified and fixed this issue. This will be included in next update.

Merci beaucoup