ASIO Latency Compensation - NOT WORKING

While recording midi, you usually compensate the latency of the audio card by playing earlier. As a result, the midi notes are recorded too early. If I activate ASIO Latency Compensation within [preferences -> midi], my recorded events are STILL NOT moved by the current latency setting like the link below says it will do. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve coped with this problem for over 10 years now lol, I decided I about had enough and now taking the time to figure out how to fix the problem once and for all WITHOUT having to manually shift the notes forward in time to properly align to the time grid. FYI I do not want these notes to be auto quantized. The more latency I have, the early I play the notes for the synthesizer to be heard in time with the song, and the earlier these midi notes end up recorded. Isn’t ASIO Latency Compensation supposed to fix this?

if you play early Cubase will record it early
try to play in time with latency compensation switched on

ok. What exactly does the ASIO latency compensation do then?

Is there nobody that knows what ASIO latency compensation does?

we all know what it does

lol ok. Feel free to explain if you want.

Nothing on this topic guys?!

feel free to read the manual

st10ss, you said “if you play early Cubase will record it early”, yet the manual says otherwise. The manual says exactly what the link says that I included in my original comment/question:

“If you record live on a VST instrument, you usually compensate the latency of your audio card by playing too early. In consequence, the timestamps are recorded too early. By activating this option, all recorded events are moved by the current latency, and playback sounds like during the recording situation.”

To summarize, it says that it will shift the midi notes forward in time to adjust for the early playing, and that the recording should sound just like it did during the recording session. I am finding that it is NOT shifting the notes ahead, and the notes are being recorded too early because it was played too early, thus, the ASIO latency compensation does NOT work and it needs to be fixed.

In my case I use Asio Delay Compenstation per track for now when recording a track with VST instruments (and insert fx). It shifts my notes forward in time to correct the notes that appear too early on the grid. It works. I have to check if it works as a global “Active by Default” feature that you can find in Preferences /Record/Midi (I think). You can make the function visible for Midi/Instrument and Sampler tracks by adding it to your Track Control Setting. Atari timing on a Windows computer !