ASIO: maxxed out, stuttering, CPU: 25%

I don’t about you, but to me it seems beyond excessive and unreasonable.
Ryzen 3900x (12 core). Cubase falls apart at 25% CPU usage. Unable to use the other 75%.
2048 buffer. Asio guard high. W10 latest. Latency mon passed after a few hours.

The isssue is obvious. Cubase optimization is abysmal. No excuses why it is so will be believed. It’s just bad, plain and simple. It’d be understandable if it was 70% used, but 25%? It’s beyond ridiculous. The CPU is basically in standby mode, half asleep while Cubase is falling apart inside.

I’m trying to buy a 5950x now, but I feel kind of silly. Why can’t Cubase utilize the other 75% of the CPU? I know there’s some single core overloaded, but why can’t Steinberg make it spread load to other cores/threads? Hire better sofware engineers maybe?cubase

I think it’s the Mainboard not the CPU or the configuration of your OS and Bios
What Mainboard are you using?

Look for “The Ultimate Guide to Optimize your Windows PC for the Stage” to get a good guide how to optimize your System