Asio Meter Comparison 7.5 vs 8 (updated)

See if you can guess which is which… both at 128 samples

This is the biggest ‘feature’ that has ever been introduced


I feel my initial findings are a little misleading, it seems my MASSIVE performance boosts were due to massive latency being added to all UAD plugins,
see other post for more info

I feel that is worth mentioning, your results may vary


I’m hoping the top is 7.5 and the bottom is 8…

Correct? :smiley:

yes… how did you guess?.. :wink:

Windows or Mac? What kind of project?

fairly complex project, 100 chans in total inc groups + midi

same here :astonished:
Realtime peak is down almost entirely and average load in C8 is circa 20-35% reduced on a song with 9 VSTs and 30 audio tracks!!?

This right here is worth the $99.99 update alone

hooo i think i saw this comparison elsewhere :wink:
its like having new stronger computer… OK time to click the Buy button at steinberg site

just to compliment / great move on upgrade pricing. thumbsup :wink:

I agree !!!

downloading now :slight_smile:

Any mac users that confirm this difference also in Cubase 8 - mac ?

If so, i will draw my wallet definitely :smiley:

Great news, thanks for everyone’s feedback - keep it coming!

ok now THIS is what I was waiting for.

Whilst I’ve grown to really love the new mixer in Cubase 7.5, I was a bit miffed at the poor ASIO performance compared to C5.

If others can report similar improvements on Win 7 64bit setups then I’ll definitely be upgrading…

…right after the initial 6 month public beta testing :smiley:

I loaded my previous project from 7.5 to 8.0 and was really amazed. Performance meter showed almost 35% boost of performance. Project runs much smoother without any dropouts. Great! MacPro 2013 6-core with Yosemite and UA Apollo 16.

Latency is really much better on Win 7.
I can go as low as 2.5 ms (as low as my Focusrite Liquid Saffire will let me) with no glitches- this is a game changer with all the features such as bounce in place and plugin folder organisation. Life is much easier in one go.

ok small project 45 track all audio, eq, compression etc. on every track on:
7.5: buffer 512
average 25%-30% load
Peak 50%-75%

8.0: buffer 64
average 25%-30%
Peak 5%-10%

not a glitch yet, zooming in and out opening windows left and right, i’m impressed.

A good 25% reduction here and! East west play runs perfectly! no more horrible Asio overloads and nasty crackles! excellent upgrade so far :slight_smile:

Yes, I can confirm that.


THis is why I bought this as soon as … NOW! I’m so stoked to try it. I’ve from very heavy projects and I really am thrilled to know that I can use that computer a bit longer now.

There’s a song I made which forced me to freeze lots of tracks because otherwise I just couldn’t render. If this can be played live I’m sold! (well oops, i’m soll already, but i’ll be double sold!)

But I’m a bit sad it’s gonna last 4 hours to download on my 100mbit connection.

please report back with the answer to that question… i’m curious,