ASIO multiclient driver problems


This works> using wavelab 8.5.31 at the same time as cubase 8.5.15 with RME UFX ASIO drivers

This does not work> using wavelab 9.0.20 at the same time as cubase 8.5.15 with RME UFX ASIO drivers. Wavelab will open but cubase will crash. I need to be able to edit files in wavelab while cubase is open.



Windows 10 64 bit.

Not normal, but did you try changing these options anyway?

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So I un-checked the release driver box and I can now run both at the same time. Seems counter intuitive but it worked!!

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Hm. I use C6.5.5 and WLE9 and here my selections are ‘release driver when application is in background’. So I do this for both interfaces and I reduce either one to the task bar before I open either one out of habit. In my case, if I uncheck the box in WLE9 that describes using the release function (like you do, Dave500), WLE9 will lock up for a moment (not crash) but not play audio.

I see you use Win10. Is this difference in behavior a function of the OS and/or the particular ASIO driver, PG?

I have noticed that as well, Wavelab will lock up for a second and play no audio.


Hm, this sounds like things are not perfect there. Dave, OK, tell me something? Is the reason for your post relating to the option in the Cubase Mixdown/Export window to open the subsequent audio file in WL? To use this feature I have to check the boxes I described, make the mixdown/export, and then reduce Cubase by clicking the Cubase taskbar icon. With me?

When I do this it’s all good, smooth as silk with no hangs or audio dropout. In your case, it sounds like your DAW ultimately recovers as you go from Cubase to WL? Hm, mine does not, the audio will stay with Cubase and not make the ASIO driver transfer.

I wonder if you should try what I suggest for a smoother transition?

I wasn’t trying to to that in particular but I still think something has changed from 8.5 to version 9 because I get no audio muting in version 8.5. The RME drivers are multi client so they can be used at the same time by both programs(just different vst ASIO connections) so for me there should be no need to have “release driver” checked for any situation.


Ah, understood. :sunglasses: