ASIO No Driver

Anyone else getting the attached when trying to connect to ASIO driver. Guessing it’s linked with latest windows update. There is no drop down menu. Wavelab is talking to my sound interface with no problem. Suggestions appreciated.

Definitely windows updates from 14/10/20 causing the issue. Done system restore. ASIO drop down menu is now available but has a list of out of date ASIO options. This list does not contain the interface that is attached. The interface works fine with windows and Wavelab. It’s just Cubase 10 pro that can’t see it.

Have now tried the PC in question with my main MOTU interface and it all works. For whatever reason on both of my Cubase set ups the PreSonus AUIDIOBOX USB96 is now not recognised by Cubase. The cheap little PreSonus had been doing a great job on my teaching PC. Reinstalled Universal Control from PreSonus and the AUDIOBOX USB96 has now come back to life. Baffled as to why Windows and Wavelab recognised it but not Cubase but it’s all happy again now. Remember it was the 14/10/20 windows updates that trashed my set up. I had to do a system restore.