ASIO Performance 6.5.3 ...

I don’t know whether anyone has mentioned or noticed the improvement. On my system, the performance is much, much better. Thanks a lot for the unmentioned optimizations. CS.

What’s your setup?

MacPro: 3 GHz Quad, 12 GB, HD: 250 GB and 3 * 500 GB Seagates
Audio: Apogee SymphonyAD/DA-16x, 2 Digimax FS (ADAT); Apogee Ensemble, MOTU MIDI Express, Kore Controller (v1)

Software: Logic Studio v9.1.7; Cubase v6.5.3; Halion v3.x; Finale 2012; Groove Agent v3, NI Kore v2 and Komplete v8; Omnisphere; Waves Bundle; Mixbus; VSL Special Addition

I have a much older PC setup that is no longer in use for music. I will make it a point to update my profile. CS.

Aloha guys,

I notice a bit better ‘performance’ on my laptop (see sig).

6.5.0 felt very solid for me and 6.5.3 now continues that trend.

Performance on the iMac seems about the same but the system is
rock-solid. (touch wood) :slight_smile: