ASIO Performance is spiking.

I have recently run into a problem with the ASIO performance meter spiking and causing replay to be very choppy and full of static. Nothing on my system has changed. This problem happens no matter what ASIO driver I am using. I have removed all plug-ins in the projects to rule that out but it still has the same problem. I am thinking that it’s time for a reformat and fresh OS install but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas why this would suddenly start happening. I really hate to have to reinstall everything.

Try trashing Prefs and re-starting Cubase.

Thanks, I didn’t even think about that. I will give that a try, though the Steinberg containing all of my preferences isn’t even 1 gig, and the Cubase 5 folder within that is just over 20 Mb. I can’t imagine any of that having that big of an impact on Cubase’s performance.

Thing is, Prefs get corrupted for one reason or another. Best practice is to get everything set the way you want, Device Setup, Key Commands , etc. and then back up all the files. This way you can get back up in seconds.

So far so good. That has seemed to have done the trick. Thanks for the help.