ASIO performance meter..

I have N4.3 running (last version built in July 2009)

I have a 2.8gHz i7 3Gb ram Windows 32 bit

Over the months I have been testing the system installing all my software etc.So I can test this properly with a PCI card I bought a second hand ECHO Layla 3G(edit) for peanuts so I got more real world results than my internet PC USB interface. This way my main machine still does the daily work without me having to pull cards about back and forth.

Ok I notice I run some strength tests with heavy plug in use at around 2,000 samples latency and I see nuendo ASIO running at 70pct. Task manager suggests i7 is using 8pct !!!

What is causing this huge disparity ?

ASIO Performance meter displays a combination of CPU/ASIO strain/disc throughput.


Ok thanks Fredo…

I had 2 tracks in the project, 1 track playing, through 1 soundcard output.

It just seems a rather huge disparity. Sorry it’s a Layla 3G not a Layla24.

There’s something wrong!

Usually when the ASIO meters behave like this it is a hard working ASIO engine. That can also mean bad ASIO driver.
Sadly I have no up to date knowledge of the Layla3G and its ASIO drivers.

Have you tested how Nuendo behaves at, say, a latency of 512 samples? Still as bad?
Then I’d suspect the ASIO driver if you are 100% sure you have chosen the correct driver inside of N4.

Task manager and ASIO meter never is the same. But they shouldn’t be this far apart either.