asio performance on vst meter

what level of asio performance is acceptable , even before i press play my vst peformance meter read approx 25% on the meter , and on playback with as few as 6 audio tracks and and plugins the clip light flickers on and off and from time to time i hear clicks and pops in my speakers.

i use a yamaha n8 mixer and interface, pc quad core, buffer size is set to 256

i’m not really sure how to approach this or indeed if this is the sorce of the audio interference

So Buffer 256 is quite small try to use bigger buffer and all should be fine.
Depends on the quality of you soundinterface.

Greetz Bassbase

Check the Yamaha site for driver updates. I’d say 256 to be average so you should on a modern system not get too many clicks.
You can , if you google, “latency checker” (or tester), test your system to see where any latency is introduced by components.

tatey, what kind, and how many plugins are you running, in total? Some of todays plugins can a bit of a resource hog.
Also, what kind of quad core CPU do you have? Mine is getting old, Q6600, and I’ve run into the ‘wall’ a few times.


hi my cpu is a q6600, not using a lot of plugins, say on average 10, some cubase, plus auto tune and also i have a universal audio card and plugins,but i have noticed even on playback with i tunes i get clicks if i open another program such as explorer so i think i should try to sort that out before i look for problems in cubase do you agree.

Try running a latency check tool, found in the links here>

hi Conman i checked for updates and i am using the latest driver ,but i reinstalled just in case i also downloaded a latency checker this indicated latency stayed in the green ie no higer than 250. altered the buffer size to max but this made a small improvement , these audio faults i gather they are called dropouts ?? only occur once or twice per track and somtimes not at all but i feel i shoud trace and fix this because as i add more and more tracks and plugins its going to become a real problem, my interface is made by steinberg ( yamaha) so i would expect this to be more than up for the job, any futher thoughts

If you get dropouts try a bigger buffer.
Your interface is conected via firewire, if you already use the latested firewire driver test the legacy firewiredriver.

Greetz Bassbase