ASIO performance VS CPU usage in Win10

I have just upgraded from an i7 4790k based machine to an i7 8700 based system and am surprised and a pretty disappointed that the power of this new CPU is barely being utilized by Cubase 9.5 at all. I have seen no performance gain from this upgrade at all.

When my ASIO performance is around 90-95% on a busy project during the mixing stage, my CPU usage is barely hitting 20%.

I also have Studio One 3.5 and performed some comparison VST performance tests. SO3 is able to run literally hundreds more VST effects than Cubase 9.5 (same settings, plugins etc.) because it is only limited by the available CPU power.
VST instrument performance with the likes of Kontakt and other VIs that chew through ASIO performance in Cubase are also a lot more stable, and I can load a lot more instances before I start hearing clicks and pops at the same sample buffers.

In conclusion, Cubase 9.5 is severely limited by whatever it is within Cubase that determines ASIO performance, and the optimization of Cubase 9.5 and the management of available system resources is extremely poor.
It is specific to Cubase, as Studio One 3.5 puts Cubase to shame in terms of their VST performance.

Did you ever make any progress on WIN10?

I’m on 7 and wondered if I should even bother.

The problem is not Win10. As an OS, Win10 is actually really stable and reliable. The problem is Cubase barely being optimized to take advantage of modern CPUs at all.

If this does not change with Cubase 10, I foresee a lot of people abandoning Cubase to adopt Studio One 4, because it offers much better low latency performance, and much better VST performance.

Steinberg as a company just doesn’t seem very customer focused at all. It took them literally 3 months to reply to my support ticket about CPU optimization, which they gave a generic response to (install the latest update, which I already had installed), and then closed the ticket.

Hard to support a company that doesn’t seem to have the drive to improve, or is so arrogant that they believe that they have no need to improve.

100% understand. I’m going to wait til the next release and check the reviews, if not it may be time to move on.