ASIO problems - anyone with experience with it?

On Windows 11, Spectra Layers was crashing continuously. I noticed something about ASIO in the error log, and digging through settings, I fould that changing from ASIO to WSAPI fixed many of the crashes. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it a SpectraLayers issue or is it an ASIO crash? Happy re-run this and attach crash logs, etc.

i had the Spec Layers 10 crashing on Windows 11 with WASAPI .
I don’t know whethere to try ASIO & try & repeat the crashes - when unmixing noisy speech on a 3 min clip.
I’m not sure whether I shoud use CPU as an AI processing device or , as I’ve been led to believe , use the Graphics Card processing [ if my Graphics card is powerful enough]
Spectral Layers / Steinberg have done a pretty poorj ob of explaining settings & seem to be letting us do trial & error to get the best out of SL 10.
Not everyone is a computer expert & I don’t see why simple guides have not been given. In general, the ‘help’ pages are pretty basic, to say the least.
After all, we all paid money for this, only to be left scratching around in the dark.
Steinberg have never used very good teaching methods for any of their products.

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