ASIO problems

Apologies if this has already been answered…

I have been using Cubase 5 with Reason as a rewire for over a year now with no problems on a stripped back XP sp2 OS, AMD duel core with 4 GB of memory and a Delta 1010lt sound card. All of a sudden I’m getting ASIO problems. The asio meter is jumping into the red and audio playback is inconsistent. At this point I thought what the hay I will upgrade my PC, so I now have a windows 7 64 bit OS, Intel duel core with 6 GB memory and a Delta 1010lt. I’m still experiencing the same problem.

Any ideas??

I’m not sure I can actually help you. Let’s just say that I am experiencing exactly the same problems. I have upgraded from:

Intel duel core (1.8) Ghz, 2.5 Gbs RAM, Windows XP 32-bit (using an

M-Audio Delta Series Audiophile 2496

quite happily)


AMD quad core (2.9) Ghz, 4 Gbs RAM, Windows 7 64-bit (using the same card)

Now all of a sudden, I’m getting hisses and stutters on Cubase (Artist 6), and when I tried to raise the buffer size, the interface vanished and was absolutely nowhere to be seen (this is with the latest driver on it). So I tried to reach it via the control panel, but couldn’t, although I was able to change a couple of settings. When I returned to Cubase, it was working perfectly, but then I couldn’t get any sound out of anything else… youtube, mediaplayer…etc

However, you might want to go to the website of your ASIO soundcard and see if the driver has been updated. If so, download it, take out the original driver from the control panel and reinstall the new driver. However, I suspect that you’ve probably already thought of that.



I’ve been having ASIO issues as well, and have been contemplating a processor upgrade as a possible solution, but your stories of upgrading your PCs and still having trouble has got me worried now. Any other ideas about what the culprit is or possible fixes?

I KNOW the delta series works GREAT under win7 64Bit as i ran one for nearly a year.
A bit more info would be handy such as any VSTi’s you may be running when this occurs.
A dual core processor is okish but a newer i* processor is MUCH better if there’s any way you could stretch to one! There is a MASSIVE performance difference.

This is just a little help for those that are experiencing asio issues…

remember your asio is how fast your cpu can process the sound of your midi synth, if your cpu is slow it will take longer to process resulting in a higher asio meter and risking peeking and sound cut outs.

the more tracks we use for midi the more the cpu needs to work, also remember the richer the sound of your midi the more your cpu will need to work.

audio is fine with the cpu because audio is recorded to the HD and will use little or no asio the problem with audio is plugins those sounds are processed resulting in the cpu to come into play,

try this at home play an audio track with no plugins and look at your asio meter it should not move because its your HD playing for you. now listing to your midi and look at your asio it will start to move because the sound is being processed by the cpu.

the best way forward when we start to run into asio problems is to get the midi and plugins recorded to the HD as soon as
taking the strain from the cpu just make sure you have a fat drive of 7200rpm or more

So remember the sound on your HD has already been processed resulting in very little cpu power a bit like playing a CD on your system it just needs HD space for the bits and sample rate, the higher it is the more space it will need

The key to great recording is get it all on the HD with as many plugins and midi as you want.

I hope this helps those that were in the dark


happy recording