ASIO Question (Windows)


I recently switched from Mac to PC and I can’t figure out how to setup the audio drivers so that I can listen to other sources (Sibelius, youtube, WMP, etc.) while having Cubase open.

I do a lot of work with Cubase and Sibelius opened together (not rewired) and it’s important to me that they play the projects when opened at the same time.

I’ll be getting a new interface this week that works with PC (Focusrite Scarlett 18i8), but I’m not sure if that component alone will make all sound sources work when Cubase is open.


Cubase 7.5
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU
16 GB Ram

In prefs under vst audio, I think. Release when in background is an option that will do it for you.

Release driver in background will allow whichever program is in focus to play audio.

If you want to actually play audio from both simultaneously then you need to go to windows sound/your soundcard/properties/advanced and untick “Allow programs to take exclusive control of this device”.

Not sure how or if that affects ASIO stability though.

I use use different interfaces for each app, including the built-in PC interface. They all feed into my mixer. I’ve found that it’s just simpler like that because I always seem to have probs if I start trying to use things at the same time. If you haven’t got a mixer you could feed one interface into the other and use direct monitoring.


I’ve noticed that upgrading to Win 8.1 64Bit, I’ve lost the ability to use the ASIO Direct Sound Full Duplex driver in CB 7.5 64Bit. It worked properly in Win 8. Some have suggested you can’t use 32 Bit drivers in a 64 Bit environment, but this really is :frowning: The driver works great with CB 7.07 32 bit and every other software that’s 64 Bit, but not in CB 7.5 64Bit. I cannot roll back my OS, so I’m stuck till a solution comes about. Using multiple audio interfaces is also not an option… The only thing that drives me crazy about windows…