ASIO replacement?

Hi, don’t know if this issue has been already discussed. It seems my built-in audio ASIO drivers (strange fact: I find 3 different ones to choose from) ceased working when I want to record audio from internal mic or built-in line in on my Imac with cubase le 4. Both mic and line, instead, work fine with other applications. So I wonder if ASIO drivers has been corrupted or what else has happened to my cubase le 4, and if I need to replace those ASIO drivers or what else can I do to have this problem fixed. Thanks for any suggestion

Which ASIO drivwer do you use? What soundcard?

Hi, I use the Imac built-in soundcard, and built-in audio asio drivers as well

I’ve just solved my problem, installing an upgrade to Cubase LE4 as suggested by Steinberg tech support. Thanks everybody for interest.