ASIO Sample Rate Has Changed

I have just spent a week making a production and after I exported saved and closed the project it is out of sync. When I reopen it I get a message saying the sample rate has changed, this has only recently started to happen. I did not have this issue previously, can anyone advice me on recovering my project in its original state.

Thanks in advance


Probably Sample Rate of your Audio Device changed, right?

Make sure other application doesn’t change it, please.

I am getting this, only since upgrading to 9.5…any advice? There are two options, Adjust Project Settings and Allow different Sample Rates.

All you should need to do is set your interface to the same rate as your project. What happens when you do this?

Actually this issue has been happening in every Cubase version that I’ve used.
For example if I’m using Cubase with headphones connected to my MacBook.
If I remove the headphones from the jack the message pops up.

I press the esc key and avoid clicking on anything or else Cubase will destroy
your project with different sample rates. Do not save… Quit if you have to.

Gonna bump this up…anyone still getting this? Cubase and my interface run on the 44.1Khz setting but say if I want to go to watch youtube or something I have to switch it back to 48Khz, and then I can’t do that until I quit cubase (and the same in reverse - I have to stop anything using audio…), so if I am trying to watch as tutorial or something, I have to stop everything else, am I doing something wrong?

Use Cubase release driver in background setting combined with Windows audio setting to disallow applications to take exclusive control of this device and you should be OK. Trying to get both to simultaneously play may still be problematic but you ought to be able to play YT while Cubase is inactive.

Thanks, I did the first bit, any chance you could point be in the direction of the second (disallow applications to take exclusive control of this device) I’m on windows 10.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you GRIM, all sorted thanks to you, have a great day!!

Had the same problem. It happened quite suddenly. One day, for no particular reason (that I can recall, anyway), all of my projects went out of sync.

The solution offered in the link provided by Grim was not effective, but it provided a good lead. To wit: I went to the Sound menu on Windows 10, went to Properties / Playback / Advanced. But the solution – disabling “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” – was not available, because the box hadn’t been checked in the first place. What was available, however, was the option of changing the sample rate and bit rate. I changed it from 48000 Hz to 44100 Hz. And presto!

Setup: Windows 10, Cubase 9.5, Focusrite Scarlett 2.

Paulscott’s got it right…
Windows updates keep changing my sound settings advanced option from 44.1 to 48 so you have to go there and change and save.
To clarify…
Right-click speaker icon (task bar, bottom right).
Click ‘Open Sound settings’.
Click ‘Device properties’.
Click ‘Additional device properties’.
This opens ‘Line Out Properties’ which, as a shortcut, you could probably just search for. Anyway…
Click ‘Advanced’.
Click the drop-down menu.
Mine was set to ‘2 Channel, 24 bit, 48000’ so I changed it back to ‘2 Channel, 24 bit, 44100’.
Click ‘Apply’ to save
*Unfortunately Windows updates seems to changes this so might have to do it again at some point, but at least but at least now you know how