ASIO SDK - host doesn't see the driver

I’m new to this forum. We are trying to give our application ASIO input and output using the ASIO SDK.
So I compiled the sample driver and sample host. Then a registed the driver. But when running the host, it does not find the driver.

How can I check of the asio driver is running? Is there a tool that can check/display all running ASIO drivers?

I registed the driver by dragging it onto the regsvr32.exe. It displayed that registration was succesfull. And I restarted the computer.
Any idea what could be wrong?

The documentation says I have to drag it onto the regsvr32.exe file that is in the windows/system folder. But that folder does not contain a regsvr32.exe on my computer. But there is a windows/system32 folder that does contain a regsvr32.exe. So I dragged it onto that file. Is that ok?

Any help is welcome. I think when I have the samples working I will find my way.