ASIO Spikes is not a Cubase issue !!!

Hi all

Just wanted to say that ASIO Spikes is not a Cubase issue !!!

I had major spikes with RME soundcard with or without ASIO Guard on.

I do not know if other soundcards and interfaces created the same issues.

I bypassed my RME now completely and use the O1V96i mixer > Yamaha Steinberg USB AUDIO driver.

No more spikes whatsoever running huge projects at 256 and as low as 128 with ASIO Guard ON.

(Cause I only use 1 AD/DA converter in the chain my sound also improved @ 96kHZ)

So it is a RME issue and not Cubase one at least it was for me.

Good luck to everyone. RME ( and others ) will hopefully fix this soon.


Well…when I use my Lynx Aurora with Sonar…I can run at 64 buffer with no problem at all. Same with my Studio One setup…runs smooth. Turn on Cubase…bam…spikes and performance issues…at 128 buffer. So…yes…I’m afraid its a Cubase issue.

Win 8.1, C8, RME UFX. HP workstation. No spikes.
Win 8.1, C8, RME UCX. Lenovo W series Thinkpad workstation. No spikes.

Host same VSTi in alternate host - no spikes
Host same VSTi in Cubase - spikes

and I don’t have to even play a note or start any form of playback.
In all cases its the same OS, ASIO and midi drivers.

Conclusion - there is something peculiar about Cubase 8 at the moment.

At least that seems a logical conclusion to me.

kind of a innacurate summary but anyway… It seems to me that many systems are just different as well as the solution.

It seems as though as many people with spike issues there are as many different solutions.

IMO probably as cause of ASIO being optimized for performance and as a result becomming fussy about system spec and setup.

My solution was with cpu turbo…

My C8 spikes issue were due to my firewire card that I have my MR816csx hooked up to was using the legacy drivers. At some point in life, I remember that was the recommended driver for my TI firewire card so i’ve always had it set that way. C7.5 worked fine with those. I just reinstalled the drivers to the regular windows drivers and everything is working great. 6 hours in. We should probably have a thread with everyones fixes. I trouble shot for 4 hours before I finally figured it out.

I’d like better diagnostic methods, along with the thread of fixes (which is a good idea).

Actually a fixes thread would need to include the hardware and software configuration as well, and probably a way to navigate it. Maybe we need a website to collate and allow search of them.

I am having no issues with my RME Fireface UC. None! How is this consistent with it being the fault of RME?
I had spikes on my previous computer but not on my new machine. I did not import my preferences and had a clean install. I would be interested to see the difference in performance between Windows 8 and Windows 8. That is the only factor I In think of.

i run
DESKTOP DAW = RME HDSP9652 (pci) on Windows 7 x64, 4.06 drivers, cubase 8.0.10, intel based chipset/cpu, SSD… = NO SPIKES
MOBILE DAW = RME UFX (USB2) on wndows 8.1 x64 1069 drivers, cubase 8.0.10, intel based chipset/cpu, SSD… = NO SPIKES

I do get better performance on both (more fx/vsti) at the same buffer sizes using reaper 5.0 pre 29 (x64) but no “spikes” in either

I believe that Cubase Pro 8 has become a little “picky” with the different system specs because of his great new features.
I’ve been Cubase user since forever and with Pro 8 I started to have ASIO spikes and 512 buffer settings only until I
re-configure my system.

a) Nvidia drivers (switch to old ones)
c) CPU clock parking

And now my system is rock solid and works at 64 buffer without any problem at all.

So if you have any issue check your system configuration and pay attention to video drivers cause in my case that was a dramatic fix.

Sadly, same thing here. Sonar Platinum has no CPU or ASIO or VST Performance issue at any buffer, be that 64 or 512. But whenever I open cubase, there is a lot of spikes and horrible VST performance.

I resolved my ASIO spike problem by updating to a newly released Beta driver for my Steinberg UR44. I also use BFD3 with Cubase 7 Elements and everything is working for the first time in quite a while without spikes or system peaks…!