ASIO Streaming, Midi Track Export, Automation, etc...

-Automation -> better automation, smooth curves, ideally more like FL studio’s automation, but will settle for stuff like in logic or studio one.

-Midi Export -> export all tracks as separate midi files. Currently, you can only export everything all together, or part by part, but not as tracks.

-Midi timestretching. Automation timestretching. Quantize w/ keep relative distance.

-Sidechaining -> sidechain any parameter (like you can in Reaper).

-Variaudio -> draw in pitch. stretch from project timeline window. adjust pitch transition curve between blocks/notes…

-ASIO streaming/recording. either record all asio output to a file (like you have in traktor), or stream to windows/mac audio to be used in streaming or recording programs/services.

-Macro Controls - we need more powerful macro controls. The “quick controls” can’t do much. We need macros which can actually control several parameters, and for different plugins. And we need to be able to adjust the affected range of those parameters.

I understand that some of these might require a lot of work, but at least the midi export and asio streaming features shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, you already are sending asio data outside of cubase over the internet to other people, why can’t you send that data to your own operating system? Or to a file? And how hard could midi stretching or automation stretching be? It’s simple math.