ASIO time Line Overload: but my computer are Top computer

I have:

  • cubase 5.5 - 64 bit
  • win 7 64 bit professional
  • motu 896 Mk3 firewire
  • all plug 64 bit version
  • 12 giga RAM
  • i5 Intel
  • Buffers size at 1024
  • two harddisk SSD very fast
    But on the TRANSPORT cubase show me the TIME ASIO overload !?!?!?!?!
    I mix and don’t use Sample library. I check and my CPU run 16-20%- my RAM not over the 3 GB.
    Why my computer are so instable? Why mu cubase crash every day? I use cubase professionaly and don’t connect to the internet. Please halp me.

Does this happen at idle or when the song is playing? Are you sure you have the Motu 896 asio card selected in your vst audio system? Also, I would run audio latency at 512.

Mabye wrong PC configuration. Maybye only one component is not the right, and that it is…

Maybe it’s worth upgrading to Cubase 6.5 (for possibly better multi-core support).

Also, Cubase cannot resolve issues caused by or suffered from plugins, so it might be a good thing to examine if any of your plugins are contributing to the overload. (This has been a past issue, if I recall correctly.)