ASIO Time Overload / Latency Checker Spikes

Hello all,

I realize this may be an unresolveable problem, but I though it may be worth a shot.

Lately, I have been developing a serious ASIO Time Overload problem. Some projects that would play OK before, are now playing with increasing distortion, and the ASIO Time Overload red light is constantly flashing (sometimes staying red even when a project is not playing back, until that project is closed).

I ran Latency Checker, which at start-up (with Nuendo closed) says my system is fine. But as soon as I start Nuendo, it spikes and says some device is causing a problem.

After I have started Nuendo, Latency Checker looks fine again, and even when I play a project full of ASIO Time Overload errors, Latency Checker still shows “all green”.

But again, when I close Nuendo (even if I did not open any project at all), it spikes several times in a row,

Does this give any clue as to what would be causing this? It seems to be a device that Nuendo calls, at start-up and closing, which may be the culprit.


For anyone who experiences this, and there are many based on search engine hits (lots of posts in forums), I hope you’ll see this and it helps you.

The culprit… 2C Aether Reverb!!! True, I am running about 50 stereo tracks of 88.2k 24 bit audio, but it all plays back fine (even with several plugins, such as Waves API, etc.). But if I add just one instance of Aether, the ASIO meter (F12) is off the scale!

I’ll be emailing them about this, but at least for now, I can edit the piano part without that unbelievably irritating crackling going on!