ASIO Time Overload problem

Hi guys,
I’m having a problem when I’m recording and mixing.
When I start a new production, using the “Electro Dance Production” for instance, the “ASIO Time Overload” LED-tube starts tweaking. It interferes with the recording, making my tracks hissing and sometimes even starts to slow down the speed and making severe obstructions to the tracks I’ve recorded.

Does anyone of you have experienced the same and know how to deal with it?

It’s pretty frustrating.

Best wishes,

How is your system set up? What are the specs? What is your latency set at? Etc.

Make sure you have the correct ASIO driver selected in device setup, and if the problem persists, increase the latency (buffer size) in the ASIO driver untill the problem goes away.

Thanks for your replys, guys.

how do I figure out to set/adjust the latency?


Latency set-up: Input: 22.540 ms. Output: 31.270 ms.

I’m using a stationary PC with CI2+ USB Interface.

What version of Cubase are you using?
There should be a button in device setup just under where you select your ASIO driver to pop up the driver control panel, where you can adjust the latency.

I have the button and adjusted the latency, both increasing and decreasing.
But it doesn’t solve the problem.
could it be that I have too many files in the Cubase projects?
I haven’t really deleted any takes, so perhaps I should clean-up in my projects.


Try increasing the latency all the way with the slider under your driver’s control panel, which will reduce glitches. BTW, you didn’t say which Cubase or driver you are using. If you’re using the ASIO Duplex Driver, I don’t remember it having a slider anyway. Make sure you are using either the CI2’s included driver or this one To me, this sounds like you trashed your prefs or somehow reset your usual driver.

Did you update the drivers and firmware for the device?