Asio time overload

My setup (Cubase AI + Steinberg UR22) on Windows 8.1 64bit was working perfectly fine, but suddenly it started getting the asio time overload error.
The same project was working fine before, it’s my recording template and is not heavily loaded: 5 audio tracks, Addictive drums and 3 FX channels.
I reinstalled an old version of Cubase5 to see and the problem is present there as well, so it’s definitely OS-related.
I read that it is usually due to HDD performance,so I optimised services at boot, performed a “chkdsk /r” and a defrag but little or nothing changed.
I remember installing a couple of things between the last working use and the day it started going crazy, so I’m thinking of using a restore point, but I’m not optimistic. What puzzles me is that I read many people having this issue on windows and cubase over the years and no one seems to have narrowed down a specific cause or found way to solve it or avoid it effectively. I had it myself before on older versions of Cubase and I always had to format to solve it.

I wanted to open a new thread to see if there are new hints for anyone who, like me, is still experiencing this issue.

Does anyone have new hinsights/suggestions, or the only way of not suffering this issue again after a few months is to change OS/platform?

Thanks to all.