Asio time usage overload - please help!

Hello, i am using cubase 5.1. 32bt on a 64bit windows 7 system.
My PC configuration is:
Intel i7-4770K 3.50ghz
16gb of RAM
I have 10GB free on my C drive and 60gb free on my D drive - where cubase is installed with all my plugins.
My sound card is M-audio fast track ultra and i am using 128 asio buffer size and 44.1khz sample rate.
Increasing buffer size or sample rate when mixing doesn’t help.

I am having trouble mixing because my asio time usage overloads and my cubase freezes. I’ve got a lot of plugins in channels obviously and I know that 32bit cubase only allows 4gb ram usage but when I open task manager, it shows that cubase is only using about 2gb of memory so I am confused why my PC chokes with asio time usage.
Please help, i don’t know where the problem lies.
Thank You in advance! :frowning:

Re memory, a 32bit program gets less than 4GB as the video and system buffers have to map into its addressing space.

The ASIO meter only shows peak usage for the disks and the most used core, not memory. It is most likely CPU that is saturated.

If you have a lot of plugins, there may be some that are very resource hungry. Try disabling those until the problems stop, whereupon you will know the culprits.

For recording, you may need to disable the plugins that require the most latency, whereas for mixing, you will probably need to use larger buffers.

Increasing sample rate will require more resources.

Hi! Kon,

My bet is that you have to download the 5.3 update and install and the 5.5. This is in my opinion is the most stable update.

Be sure to download 64 Bit versions since you have 64 Bit Operating System and install as 64 Bit if does ask you.

Let me know how it went.

Kon, your present setup shows 32 bit Cubase install, you will be able to access more of your memory using the 64bit version, BUT if you are using 32 bit plugins and change to 64bit Cubase, you open up a new issue of getting your 32 bit plugs working with 64 bit Cubase. TShepo may be correct that 5.5 is more stable, but for you his suggestion of the 64bit version may not be the best choice for you.

thank you all for your replies!
I never really understood how asio time usage works, i always thought it had something to do with RAM memory.
Would it help if i was using an SSD hard drive?
And do you think my computer is strong enough for bit projects?

64bit windows 7 system.
Intel i7-4770K 3.50ghz
16gb of RAM
M-Audio fast track ultra