ASIO VST Driver problems Cubase 5

Hi, I am having a problem with the ASIO driver on cubase 5.

I am using an Mbox3 for my audio output. In all projects that I load, the two ASIO audio outputs for the monitors connected to my Mbox 3 are listed as “active” and it works, sound comes out of the Monitors.

but for this one project that I load, only the one project. The audio outputs are listed as inactive and no sound will come out of the monitors connected to the mbox3.

I do not know what I did to cause this.

how do I activate the outputs or change them into “active” for this individual project?

p.s. I always have the ASIO driver for mbox3 loaded. so that is not the problem.



Look in the “VST Connections…” and make sure the outputs are connected.
A screenshot of that page might help.

here is the Image with the problem:

see how output1 and 2 are inactive. I need to know how to make them active. the S/PDIF left and right outs are usually inactive.

this is how it normally looks with every other project i open:

Go to “Devices…” -> “VST Connections…” and have a look at that…
Most likely, that is where the problem is.

The problem is solved!

I adjusted the outputs in the “VST connections” window to activate them. at first it did not work, but when I loaded in the project at a later time it worked.