Asio will be shredded

Just building a new set and decided to have Cubase and VST Live running on the laptop at the same time.

Of course, Cubase can’t manage the instruments that well and a few years ago had the unpleasant trait of shredding the Asio driver at the show.

VST Live, on the other hand, can hardly handle prepared Cubase projects. (Tempo import, sometimes data is missing in midi tracks, etc.)

It works really well together now.
Selecting a title in Cubase calls up the corresponding song and part in VST Live (Remote)

But it has happened to me several times that Live shreds the Asio driver. This means when sending data from my keyboard (with many controllers that I now filter in the layer), the sound is still output, but is covered with RRRR noise.
Panic doesn’t help, only resetting the driver in the interface (Allen & Heath QU Pac)
Buffer size changed briefly and it sounds clean again.
Oddly enough, at the same moment, this is not the case with Cubase.
While VST Live is messed up, Cubase continues to run clean.

What else can I do to be on the safe side, apart from filtering out all unnecessary controllers (coming from the keyboard)?
Buffer size is already set to 512 at 48 kHz. That’s all.

Once the sound even disappeared completely and came back immediately after an Asio reset.

This is most definately not supported.

Distortion of the type you describe is caused by the audio system going out of sync with the hardware, which usually only happens when the CPU cannot cope with the given time for audio processing anymore. That timeframe depends on the buffer size.
Reset audio should always cure this, unless the CPU is beeing clogged continuously. Changing the buffer size or samplerate will also cause such a reset. Panic will also reset the audio device enabled in Edit/Preferences/Audio/Panic reset Audio Device.