ASIO working at 20% all the time

I have a PC set up, cubase 6 on 64bit and a Delta 1010 sound card. The ASIO seems to be set up ok (2ms latency), but it appears to be flickering around the 20% mark, even when nothing is happening in a project. If I look in task manager cubase is definitely running and using resource so I’m not sure if it normal or not.

Can any suggest what it might be - I’ve looked further and it happens when Halion sonic is open - is it just resource hungry?


2ms latency is pretty low. What happens if you raise your buffer size? Is it causing any problems (snap, crackle, pop or audio dropouts)?

If Halion Sonic is open, I wouldn’t call that “even when nothing is happening in a project”.

What are your computer specs (CPU, etc.)?

Also, if you are running Cubase 6 why are you posting in the LE/AI forum?