I am a new user of Cubase. I have found that when I have selected the “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” playback is no problem. However if I select the “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” (with my UR242 turned on) I can’t hear anything. What’s going on?

Probably you have to set up the Audio Connections in Studio menu.

Hiya, I’m having the same issue. I’ve set up all the connections as per te advice in this forum. I get sound from Generic Asio and nothing from UR242.

Any ideas?

I have the same exact problem with my Yamaha THR 10 and the Yamaha Steinberg driver. Can’t remap output to computer using the Yam-Stein driver…

No you can´t, as also mentioned in the manual, IIRC.
The workaround is mentioned on the forums many times, and depends on the computer platform you are on.- Search or google ASIO4all or aggregat(ed) device.

Well I have the ASIO4all drivers but I do not understand how to set up the THR to go through Cubase and out of my laptop. When I use the ASIO4all drivers I can’t get the Yamaha THR monitor/recording to output out of the computer. Thanks, but I really wish I could monitor my THR through Cubase via my laptop/Earphones (or blue tooth headphones). I really just want to use my blue tooth earbuds (wireless) so that I don’t have to drag a headphone cable around.

Choose THR as input and computer as output in Cubase vst connections. Then you have to input monitor a track to hear the guitar

The beauty of amps like THR for recording is that you can monitor your guitar without any latency…by monitoring through Cubase you will have the interface latency affecting what you hear.

Forget the BT headphones…they aren’t workable for monitoring while playing.