ASIO4ALL distorted sound

Hi, I have Cubase 9.5 Pro set up on an HP Spectre 360 laptop. Sound is fine using the internal Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, but when I install ASIO4ALL, it is horribly distorted. Has anyone seen this and have a solution?

The reason I’m trying this is to be able to use Cubase with headphones, and reading other posts, that driver might give more options (I haven’t found anything I can make work using the generic driver).

Advice appreciated. I’m techy enough to muddle my way through things, but not necessarily really understanding.


Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size/Latency of ASIO4ALL driver.

Thank you! So I installed ASIO4ALL v2 with offline settings (as I can’t see a way of altering ASIO within Cubase), and used those to increase buffer size from 512 samples to 1024, and that solved the problem. I also tried increasing the latency, but that had no effect.

I’ll now read the threads about headphones, and see if I can work that out, and if not I’ll start my own thread.