ASIO4ALL Missing Inputs - Multiple Audio Interface Issue

Hi all,

I’m a PC user and I have UR44 for my home studio. I’ve been very happy with this product until today.

I’m using 5 out of 6 inputs of UR44 as follows;
Input 1: Microphone
Input 2: Free
Input 3&4: Stereo Guitar
Input 5: Behringer Model D
Input 6: Korg Minilogue XD

I’ve bought a Roland TR-8S and this product can work as a standalone USB Audio Interface so you can record your channels separately. As I have only 1 available input, I was planning to combine the drivers with ASIO4ALL and use Roland TR8s inputs as separated and in addition to UR44. I’ve seen some people done this but not with UR44.

Here comes the old story as far as I can see. I can only see 2 Inputs of UR44 on the ASIO4ALL interface. The other inputs are missing and that’s really inconvenient for me. Does anyone know how to overcome this issue? I’ve read some comments about that WDM is only available for Input 1 & 2 on UR44. Some people switched to other brands where they can see all the inputs and outputs with ASIO4ALL. That’s not my first option but I’m hoping to get a solution from here.


I have pretty much the exact same Problem!

In 1: Mic
In 2: Bass Station II
In 3/4: MicroFreak through a reverb-pedal
In 5/6: TR-8S (if I don’t separate it)

→ I can use the TR-8S as USB-Interface and I can track the Instruments separately. But then I can’t track my Synths separately that come in through the UR. Such a great Interface that is pretty much unusable with ASIO 4 All. Would love to see a better integration.