ASIO4ALL problem with USB Audio Controller

So recently my MIC input broke down. So I bought this USB Audio controller for recording with my guitar.
Anyway whenever I plug it in and open the application to record I can’t set the In and out settings in asio4all panel.
When I activate the Input (USB contoller), Output deactivates. When I activate the Output (USB contoller) the Input setting deactivates. I can’t get both the Input and Output of the USB Audio controller to work together.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys!

it doesnt sound like a cubase issue. what do they say in the asio4all forum about it? its obviously an issue with your hardware and asio4all. its pretty hard to even hazard a guess with 3rd party drivers/hardware.

Doesn’t the Audio box have it’s own drivers? You should use them. ASIO4All is junk, and only to be used as a last resort.