ASIO4ALL vs. EMU ASIO in Cubase 6

So I want to be able to record multiple inputs simultaneously in Cubase 6. Here’s my pc.

Windows7 64
12GB Ram
i7 Bloomfield CPU
E-MU 1616m

When I start a Cubase project and go to Device Setup and select EMU ASIO as my driver, I can then see all of the ASIO ins/outs that I can match to the corresponding Patchmix ins/outs. For some reason though I can not hear any audio when I set Cubase up through the EMU ASIO.

On the other hand if I use ASIO4ALL I can hear audio and everything seems to work just fine but ASIO4ALL only lets me select up to 2 inputs in Cubase.

Is there a way to setup ASIO4ALL to use more inputs so that I can match the host inputs in Cubase to the physical inputs of the 1616m? I want to be able to track guitar, synth, and vox at the same time.

Otherwise are there any tricks to getting the EMU ASIO to work in CUBASE 6 and lower the latency so it’s not high like 300 ms?

Which Emu driver? There is a latest beta 2.1 version on the Emu site:

BUT! As it is beta I use the one before that 1.82 which works fine under i7 chipset and Windows 7 64bit. It’s in there if you need it uinder the Download button at page bottom.

Also try this:
an Emu supported (but not support) site. However Emu does seem to be a little on the ill side lately so have caution.