Asion setting on mac

Hi . Trying to find related topics but can’t find one…
My problem started soon after I have installed C6 on mac…Cubase crashes and closes unexpectedly . Looks like is something to do with setting up asio, latency etc…not good in that but what I have found on forum it must be it.
my question will be what is the right set up???..originally was on 256 samples .input latency 8.333 and output 8.833…when I change to lower sample it get worse vat performance goes up and C closes straight away. when is higher than 256 samples does make a different that 256 and closes after few seconds of playing…

Please give a few ideas what causes problem
Many thanks

The “right setup” ist the one that works for any given situtation which is low enough resulting latency, with not too much strain on system performance.
Apart from that, people might find it helpful to have some useful information on your system…

Not sure what is causing your probs but first try ‘trashing’ (removing) your C6 preference folder
to a different location on the hard drive and restart Cubase.

Once you are up and running, try increasing your buffer setting to max.
You will not be able to record at this setting but playback should be flawless.

Then slowly step by step decrease your buffer settings till you find the correct
record/playback balance.

Many folks (like me) habitually ‘track’ at low settings and playback at higher ones.
I believe some DAWS to this process automatically. AFAIK Cubase does not.