[Ask] UR28M Output

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of getting a UR28M for my live performance.
My setup basically needs 8 outputs, 6 for the FOH and another 2 for monitor cue

I read and saw the UR28M only has 6 TRS out, then my local distributor told me that
there is 1 stereo for 7-8 and can be used for 2 additional outputs but when i tried to look around
i doubt i can find it, the guy says it’s the 1/8 trs connector and when i read it, it’s for what usually
AUX input.

Can anyone clarify for me about the additional 1/8 trs connector for output?


I see 6 outputs plus two headphone outputs. See page 5 of https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads_hardware/downloads_ur28m.html


So the headphones out are only for all within those 6 outs?

I know all the words that you said, but I don’t understand the sentence :wink: :laughing:

The headphones can be set to “Mix 1” or “Mix 2”. (maybe mix 3 also). These are built in features of the device accessed from within a Steinberg DAW or by using the dspMixFx application. The link I pasted above is for the manuals, is there one in your language?

hahah my bad

What i’m trying to ask is, are the headphone outs only for monitoring output 1-6?
(Im a bit in denial and hoping that somehow the headphones out are for extra output, which are 7-8)

So the headphones out only the mix between output 1-6 yeah?

Can you read the manual?