Asknet issues

Somehow between the multiple separate ID/login systems for Steinberg products, Steinberg Forums, and Steinberg Shop, I’ve been locked out of my Steinberg Shop/Asknet account and the password reset isn’t working. The fact that all the different sites show up as “steinberg” makes password management problematic, does no one else have this problem?

I wanted to buy the Dorico 3.5 upgrade but you guys don’t make it easy. I know I could just buy from Sweetwater, which is what I’ll eventually do I guess, but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when a software company makes such a mess of their online services. I thought it would be more straightforward to buy directly, which is what I did when I upgraded from Dorico 2 to 3, but nope.

This has just happened to me too, did you get any resolution? I can’t seem to find a support email for the shop either, best…

Glad I’m not the only one.

I couldn’t get anywhere with asknet.
I just gave up and purchased from Sweetwater, which was pretty seamless.

I was probably very lucky, but I didn’t have any problems. Everything works without problems. Advise you to write a letter to the technical support service.

I am sorry to hear about the issues. There are two accounts which are explained in this Help Center article. One for our services (MySteinberg, forum) and one for our online shop partner Asknet.

If you need to reach out to Asknet, please click on the “Online Shop Support” tile on our support page and use the contact details which are listed under “Serivce” in their Help Center.

We intend to offer a single-sign-on solution at a later point but I do not have any details to share at this point.