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Hello recently I purchased wavelab pro 10 upgrade online through my credit card on 21/2, but I’m very disappointed still I’m not able to get/download because they want to proof, please see picture#2 fk. I have purchased from your website before many times and have never been asked this before so why this time? I don’t feel secure about giving my personal details like passport driving license details on net, for this matter as I am weary about online fraud.
I am looking to continue with my purchase but sorry I will not provide this information as I am cautious it might be used in wrong context. These documents hold much more value than wavelab to me. steinberg online shop asknet can check my user id to see how I have purchased.
My previous purchasing from asknet, please see picture#1 MP.
Kindly guide me to the correct person in Steinberg who I can talk to in regards to this matter.

Please ask Steinberg support on Monday. I don’t think the commercial department works during the WE.

Please give me link or E-mail or any contact.

Thanks God, matter is solved. Now I want to know how to upgrade from wavelab elements 9.5 64bit to Wavelab Pro 10?
Thank fully I have received my ac code.
I am shocked at why they were asking for such details. I understand that there are a lot of online fraud going on but this doesn’t mean they should disrespect genuine customers, there should have a special I.T. team to investigate any suspicious activity and if still there is some issues then they should go to Bill Gates.
But please note how they investigate these things should not affect genuine customers.

Asking questions is a way to get information to distinguish them from fraudsters.

if still there is some issues then they should go to Bill Gates.

Do you still subscribe to the '90’s myth of Windows insecurity? Oh, and Bill Gates left Microsoft quite a while ago anyway…


Hello Stein Berg, I am a user of Cubase 10.
It is no different that I have inquired like this. When I tried to upgrade to Cubase 11 this time, I incorrectly purchased the version going from Cubase 10.5 to 11, not the version going from Cubase 10 to 11, so the license is not being entered.
So, Cubase 11 is installed and used somehow, but it is still not active right now.

and in case you don’t know, my Qbase 10 has uploaded the information of the licensee and the purchase payment information that is being upgraded from 10.5 to 11 as a picture.

So, you can get a refund and buy this product again, or
If you provide another payment account number, we will deposit the remaining amount with that number.

I have a work to mix right away from next week, so I would like a quick answer. Thank you for being careful about corona and always making a good DAW. Have a nice day~

WRONG FORUM! This is the Wavelab forum not the Cubase forum.