I’m trying to figure out how to change the email address for Steinberg purchases from asknet-shops?

I do have an updated account/password/email but the email address asknet keeps using is one that will no longer be valid in a few months.

It seems that when I went through the process to update my contact info for that the new email address didn’t transfer to asknet and I can find nothing in my steinberg account profile related to asknet-shops.

Can anyone tell me how to go about updating my email address?


I imagine it’s as simple as going to the link you listed, logging in and changing your email, as with any other online account.

Tried that. They’re not recognizing my password. I know the about-to-expire email address is valid because I just purchased a steinberg product a week or so ago. Clicked the link to reset my password and never received anything. Started a trouble ticket with them.

What is an about to expire email address?

I’m on the BoD of a .org and that is the email address I was using for asknet. I’m resigning my position in a couple of months and thus that address (email account) will be deleted.

Oh I see- hope they can sort it out for you.

Asknet online shop accounts and the Steinberg ID accounts are not connected in any way. If you have issues with the Asknet log-in and your account with them, you have to contact Asknet.

I had the same issue. I found the following email address in an old confirmation email. It allowed me to login to the Steinberg Store and change my email. We’ll see if it works next time I make a purchase.