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Hi all,

A few months ago, I switched from Apple to Windows (i7-10700K based pro workstation) and from Logic to Cubase - after some first tests I wanted to upgrade my Cubase LE 11 to the ProVersion - Cubase LE11 send me a great offer over 40% discount, which I bought - then they send me a confirmation with some account infos, so I could log into their shop to confirm the order…fine! But these login information don’t work - I contacted their support, explaining my issue. They answer me they had send me the login data already…so none of those supporters actually read my feedback. I send them a support ticket explaining it a 2nd time, I got a mail back I should send a support ticket… I’m a professional repair workshop for pro audio and music equipment, well known in europe (former Clair Bros employee, worked several years as head of service for a swiss distributor for ProAudio gear) and know how to handle customer support and service - but what I got from AskNet here is just pure internet BS - I paid almost 300 swiss francs for an update which my PayPal account confirms to be authorized, got no confirmation, no working login data, no useful in formation.

I’m very dissapointed about my experience so far

You have to login to the store to make a purchase… so you should have login data…

They sent me Login data - but with these data I can’t log in… so that’s why I contacted their ASKNET (or SKYNET) support, which wont help me either…so I got Login data that don’t work for 300 swiss francs. Thanks for nothing…

I’m pretty much pissed because I explained them the issue several times but they don’t get it!

you created login data… then you purchased a product in the shop where you created login data?
and after that they send you different login data?
I don’t get the problem either…
You will get your money back if you are not able to use the software…

I klicked the offer inside my Cubase LE 11 for a Pro Upgrade, so they pass me through, let me fill out some adresse an name plus the email. After that they linked me to the basket where I typed in my credit card information and submitted - then I received a mail from the credit card company telling me the transaction to AskNet is confirmed, I received a Mail from Asknet with log in data I should type in the shop to confirm my purchase! But this data is not correct - I can’t log in! They took my money but there is no delivery…so am I wrong? I’m not fucking stupid _ I have a problem, nobody wants to help! I can go to my law inssurance at monday - for sure! Then we disscuss this on a new level!

Hmmm… confused…

BlockquoteSehr geehrter Kunde,

Diese E-Mail bestaetigt Ihre Registrierung in unserem Online-Shop.
Bitte benutzen Sie diese Zugangsdaten zum Abschließen des Bestellvorgangs bzw. für künftige Bestellungen.

Einkauf fortsetzen
(removed link since I’m not allowed to post a link

Kundennummer: 112797578
Login / E-Mail: fbmail(at)
PASSWORT: ********** (I don’t share the password here, but it was generated by them not by me)

Bei Fragen oder Anliegen, wenden Sie sich bitte an uns.

Wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen zu helfen.


Steinberg Online-Shop der asknet Solutions AG
asknet Solutions AG, Vincenz-Priessnitz-Str. 3, D-76131 Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Vorstand: Christian Herkel (CEO), Jan Schulmeister (CFO)
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Aston Fallen
Amtsgericht Mannheim HRB 108713 - USt-IdNr.: DE 175 999 667

Cassi (Asknet)

02.05.2021, 03:00 MESZ

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Wir haben Bestellung 216256831 verarbeitet und wir haben Ihnen die Zugangsdaten gesendet.

Für technische Unterstützung: info@steinberg (modified because links were not allowed here)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Ihre Verkaufsabteilung Asknet

This was the 1st reply I got to my support ticket were I told them that the account data they send to me don’t work .

The 2nd time, they told me to get a support ticket ! They told me as an answer to a support ticket I should get a support ticket???

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

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FLORA (Asknet)

02.05.2021, 09:11 MESZ

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

Wir möchten Sie bitten, sich an den Kundendienst unter
[customerservice / links were not allowed) zu wenden.
Oder Sie können direkt ein Support-Ticket über die Website
(links were not allowed here) erstellen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Payment & Fraud department

The Steinberg site has a ton of logins for some reason.
There is one login for your registered software/user account (MySteinberg). You probably used this one to register your original LE license. You will use it for registering your Pro license as well.
There is another login for this forum.
And, go figure, the shop requires a third login.

You can only access the shop page by clicking on the link in the email they sent, confirming your purchase. There will be another email when they send you the dongle.
I’m your exact exact situation, bought the Pro as an update to LE. Have been quite confused intially by the whole logins stuff, but it worked ok in the end.

No, the My Steinberg account will log in to the forums as well
The shop is different in some regions of the world, so it’s a different shop provider in some countries… and it’s mostly a compamy that only does shop systems…

I clicked the link they sent me - I did everything! Unfortunately I use my 2nd mail address when placing the order directly from my music computer, not the one I had my LE licence on it…I already told them.
The LE is on service(at) and since my host computer automatically filled in my 2nd address fbmail(at) I tought this is the right one - I already told them several times, even send a mail at info(at)steinberg explaining it. All what I got is this crappy communication above - fill a support ticket for a support ticket!

so…shame I sold my mac, my UAD hardware and logic …now I paid money and got nothing! This seems legit for steinberg. Thank you all… :frowning:

So you doing this on the weekend?
And you are pissed why something went wrong and there is no solution within hours on weekend?

and they should fix your mistake and you blame them for…

Give them a bit time to realice what went wrong…

There is indeed only one log-in for the Steinberg part that covers both MySteinberg and the forum.
Then there is Asknet, our online shop provider, that uses its own account system and requires a separate log-in. However, it is not required to match Steinberg and Asknet account access data to purchase and upgrade a license.

@PacoCasanovas, thank you for your purchase! It looks like you have been able to redeem the Download Access Code that came with the order on the same day (May 2nd). All that is needed now is the USB-eLicenser you have ordered on Sunday as well and you are ready to go.
But maybe I miss the point here?

@ Ed_Doll: Thanks for your message - after another ticket, they sent me the download Access Code - it’s now registered to my Steinberg ID and now I just have to wait for the USB eLicencer :wink:

I was just confused. I ordered many software online (since I don’t need the boxed versions), Toontrack Superior, Native Komplete, IK Multimedia T-Racks etc. - after my purchase I get a confirmation. here I got a link to the webshop (since I purchased the update directly out of my existing Cubase LE application) and some non-working login.

Of corse - it was on a weekend, but hey…digital downloads, webshops often operating with non-human-resources or if they do, they might shift workers to guarantee a 24/7 operation. I don’t know… all what I wanted was a simple confirmation - hey thank you for you purchase, please be patiented - your download access code will be proceed in a later message etc…

Finally it worked and hopefully It will work flawless with the USB eLicencer key…and then with the workflow (after being a Emagic Logic user since 1994)

so, to sum it all up - I just had a bit a bumpy start into the steinberg world…

cheers and all the best to anyone here…

Thanks for the confirmation. Of course, this should not happen but I hope that everything will go into the right direction now. Enjoy!

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