ASR not adequate

I guess I realised too late that the amp section of this thing is hamstringed so that creating bass patches, something I find this thing very useful for, is scuppered by it’s unplayability without tedious editing to get rid of clicks.

It’s 2023, there shouldn’t be clicks on a synth with correctly set attack and release times. Clicks are eased when out of mono mode…but then you lose other features like glide

Maybe there is a magic setting that I haven’t figured but I’ve tried every combination I think and no joy.

Is anyone else finding this an annoyance?

I’m guessing Halion doesn’t suffer such basic problems.

I think I found a solution to reduce clicks by having the Attack, Sustain Release to be syncd to happen within a 16th note, most likely the shortest bass note I would play, and then put sustain on to be able to play long notes .

I’m guessing if you don’t do that it will just cut off the waveform off and the cause of clicks.

Not experienced another synth/sampler behaving this way tbh.