ASRock Z270M Extreme4

I did a lot of research and I decided on this board. It is affordable and has all the options I have been looking for. Thunderbolt 3, etc.

Just a heads up for anyone looking for a board with thunderbolt 3, cayse they all seem to be pretty expensive or you need to buy an add on card.
Unfortunately Gigabyte’s website isn’t very clear and does not make it easy to search for specific components that one may want. Asrock has a very nice website, very detailed.

Next, I am looking to get a power supply (not sure yet)
and then I am looking at a graphics card

I am not a gamer and I usually just watch youtube vidoes or movies on my PC.
I don’t need a facy graphics card, just one that will help my system while using plugins inside Cubase.

Any suggestions? Thank you!