Assiging MIDI notes to click is painfully difficult

I’ve searched every keyword combination I could think of, and can’t find a single reference to this in the forum. I could have sworn I posted one myself when it first came up (C9.5 I think), but maybe not.

Anyway, when using MIDI click, you USED to be able to type in the note corresponding to the midi sound you wanted to you (eg, “C1” for kick, “F#1” for rimshot). OR you could audition/select notes from a drop-down list or scrolling the mouse. It was SUPER EASY and efficient. Why on Earth would someone change it?

NOW, you select notes with a left-to-right slider that moves so quickly you play a dozen diffent sounds with the slightest move of the mouse. You have to keep trying, guessing, again and again until you get the right one, while your client gets annoyed, thinking you’re playing video games on his time.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way? I read the section of the manual (here) on Metronome Setup, but couldn’t find anything.

Surely I’m not the only one bugged by this?

The new taskbar and it’s settings is a complete disaster if you ask me? after all these years I now have to constantly think about how to punch in/out and I seem to mix up ffwd/rwnd and marker icons constantly. Also all options are now horizontal so your floating taskbar can get like like over 1 1/2 screen and there’s no easy way to move it around? You just have to try and click somewhere and hope you can move it around? And the most stupid thing is that the lower bar doesn’t scale! You can add all options but it will not show them because it will not scale! What stupid mind thought of that?! I can easily state that the new taskbar is one of the worst implementations I’ve ever seen in any application in the past 15 years. If there was ever a price for worst new implantation of something that worked flawlessly before and after an update totally not. This would most definitely would be the winner!

As for your question? Your right! There is no no way to just simply double click and input a midi note. You have to fumble around with the slider in the settings selecting the right note. I sometimes really wonder how programmers can actually get away with these "MAJOR’ flaws?! Doesn’t anyone at Steinberg check this stuff before it gets released? obviously not!

Hold down Shift and the slider resolution is much finer.

Okay, that helps. A little.