Assign a CC to "Stereo Out" Fader in the Mix Console

Hi Everyone,

This is probably a basic question, but how do I assign a CC to the Master Stereo Out? I have a nanKONTROL2 connected to my computer. Having a tough time finding the answer for this in the Help section of Cubase.


I could be completely wrong, hopefully someone can rectify.
I think the nano control can either be used for CC or for the mixer.

Probably you know this already, but just in case here’s how:
Hold down the set marker and play buttons while plugging in the USB cable from your computer.
Open the Device Setting window in Cubase and add Mackie Control.
Select nanoKONTROL2 for the MIDI In/Out ports used by Mackie Control.

Thanks, but I’m not seeing Mackie Control anywhere.