Assign a shortcut to a bypass a specific plugin

I wonder if a shortcut can be assigned to a specific plugin.
Here is the use case. On the end of my master chain, I have a mono conversion plugin, in order to check the mix in mono. During the mixing session, I constantly toggle this plugin, which requires me to go to the plugin the toggle the bypass button. Assigning it a shortcut will accelerate my workflow significantly.
If there is another solution to this use case, I would also be happy to hear.
Thanks and best regards,
Eviatar Khen

I don’t know which version of Cubase you have but for this function I use the Mono button in the Control Room (Pro only I believe).

Thanks very much for the response. I’m on 10 pro.
I’m familiar with this functionality.
Still, it would be awesome to have a keyboard shortcut, as I toggle this a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t use them, but isn’t that what the ‘Downmix Preset X’ Key Commands are for.

I had to go back and see how I’d accomplished this as I have a Mono-Stereo button on my Metagrid app which must relate to something back in Cubase…having gone back and checked I can see that it is accomplished using a “Downmix preset” key command as Raino mentions above.

I only have Mono and Stereo as Downmix presets so I just use the “Next Downmix Preset” key command and if Stereo this will switch it to Mono and vice versa. Though I use it from Metagrid you could just as easily assign a keystroke to it.

NB: I have no recollection of setting this up but must have done at some point!