Assign already used shortcut to new function

When I want to assign a key combination that is already used as a shortcut to another function, I get a warning window that asks me if Dorico should unassign it from the old function and use it for the new function.
When I press OK, not only closes the shortcut window , but the shortcut is still being used for the old function.

I just wanted to register Alt + Shift + M to “Duplicate to staff below”, but the shortcut is already assigned to add some kind of marker. I open the preferences, go to the shortcut section, go to the section for editing notes, select “Duplicate to staff below”, enter the new shortcut, and when I then press the “Add Shortcut” button next to the input field, it tells me that is already assigne to adding new markers. I click “OK” and the window closes, but when I then use the new shortcut, the window for adding markers opens.

I can’t tell if this is a regression that has been introduced with Dorico 5.1, because I did not fiddle around with keyboard shortcuts too much until now :slight_smile:

Update: It seems as if the shortcut correctly gets assigned to the function but does not get unassigned to the old function.
Manually deleting it there works though.

In Sibelius this type of warning allowed you to de-assign a shortcut at the same time as reassigning it. But since Dorico has separate scopes for commands, it can actually accommodate the same shortcut for multiple commands. One scope supersedes another depending on the editing context.

Yeah, this of course makes sense: Ctrl + A for “select all” has different meaning depending on where you are.
I just wanted to report that this process “unassign the old and assign the new” seems to not be working currently.

In my experience Dorico has never de-assigned automatically. I think this is as intended.

Well, maybe it never did, but the popup dialog explicitly asked me if I want Dorico to unassign the current thing and assign the new thing. So either the text in the dialog needs to be changed or the functionality :wink:

Sorry; I finally tried it myself and you’re right. I had never actually seen the dialog in Dorico before, because the message within the window alerted me so I didn’t go further.

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I did some more testing to see if the situation was like with Sibelius (to version 7, the latest I tested), which was: The current state of shortcuts was not saved until you OK’d the dialog, so if you looked again at the command from which Sib said it was removing the shortcut, you’d see it still there, until you dismiss the dialog and go in again. I was kind of expecting this, since it is similar to the situation in Dorico with the star-button and other things in dialogs – you have to close the dialog for changes to take effect.

But … I did not find this to be the case in Dorico 5.1. In fact, I tried to reproduce the problem you’re reporting, and I have not been able to do that either! Anyone else?

The thing is here that as soon as the “Do you want Dorico to unassign…” confirmation dialog pops up, the preferences window where I configured the new shortcut closes. (I assume, this is not how it should be either.) So when I click “ok” on this dialog, the original window is already gone.

Ah, good info. That did not happen for me.