Assign Common Version ID - Hmmm...

So today I tried out the TrackVersions function. Really like the idea and I found a good workflow for it. But it was driving me nuts at first…

Now, I’m sure someone will say “it’s just a few extra clicks”, but it’s still pretty damn annoying: I was reamping some guitars and was working with two different versions. The tracks were in pairs (close mic+room mic) so the first pair got ID 1 and 2, second pair got ID 3 and 4.

I then selected all tracks because I wanted to switch back and forth at the same time, so I picked “Assign Common Version ID” from the menu. So far so good. But when trying to switch over to the previous version on all tracks, the old ID numbers were still there. So I had to select two tracks, switch back, select the other two, switch back, and then assign a new version for all those.

To me this is not very intuitive. Maybe some disagree? If so, maybe a function like “Assign Common Version ID to All Versions” would make sense, so that all the first versions get the same ID, all the second versions, etc.

Anyone with me?

You can put the tracks in question into a folder, and activate group editing. Then the versions will sync with each other without needing to be selected.

I think I tried that and had the exact same problem. But I’ll try it again tomorrow. Still, assigning common ID I think should assign the same to all.

Tried it now: same issue. I get the option to keep the selection for the tracks that don’t comply, to make a new empty TrackVersion on those tracks or to duplicate another track version and assign new ID. None of these solves my problem.

Besides, it’s not that I want to group edit the tracks either. I just want to easily assign common IDs to ALL TrackVersions on the selected tracks.