Assign default text position to paragraph style

I know this topic has been brought up several times, and I think there isn’t a way to do what I want, so it also is sort of a feature request.
I’ve been developing a particular type of leadsheet for a specific project over the last couple of years. It uses color coded instructions in specific places above and below the staff for every player in the band. Now I really would like to do these kinds of leadsheets in Dorico rather than in Sibelius where I’ve been doing them, but what holds me back that it apparently isn’t possible to assign custom paragraph styles a specific place above or below the staff. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like in Sibelius:

If I am overlooking a solution that is quicker than dragging every item to it’s place in engrave mode, let me know. It’s just too many text items in such a leadsheet (most of the time there is at least one in every staff) to do it all by hand. Especially since the offset is more or less the same every time. Would be awesome to have access to settings that allow this.

It is indeed true that you cannot at present specify the default placement of a paragraph style above or below the staff, and this is something we would like to add in future. However, you can at least flip them to the other side of the staff using F (the shortcut for Edit > Flip).

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Thanks for getting back so quickly, Daniel. Yes, that’s already helpful and a workaround for similar situations. But being able to freely specify where and how a custom text item should appear in relation to the staff/note is a feature I dearly love in Sibelius (I assume you guys are responsible for making it possible over there in the first place, so thanks for that), and it would be awesome to get this flexibility in Dorico as well. Looking forward to some release notes in the future where it’s mentioned as “ADD”. :slight_smile:

The text objects will stack at the same rhythmic position in the order they are created:


If you offset them by one grid point, they will stack by successive grid points:

Then it’s just a question of aligning them in Engrave mode.