Assign different noteheads to rhythmic cues (i.e. slashes)

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like what it says in the title!
I’d love to be able to do this via the properties panel… :wink:

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Me too!

This will be possible in the forthcoming Dorico 5.1 update.


Wow, thanks Daniel!!! :pray: :innocent:

I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing how to change a notehead on a rhythm slash. Was this added, and can you point me to the documentation?

Sure! When you have created the cue, just choose the note heads of the cue to be displayed as slashes in the properties panel!
This way, you don’t have to prepare the source staff in any way, so it could be a regular piano part or a brass or wind player that plays the desired rhythm!

Hope this helps?

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@YourMusic.Pro Are you able to do this with a rhythm slash voice? If so, can you point out where in the Properties panel the setting appears?

@Janus I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. I am making a strumming worksheet, and I’d like to be able to change a slash notehead to an X to indicate a ‘chuck’ or rhythm chop.

I can do this if I enter regular notes, but the slashes in the slash voice look bolder, and it ‘is’ a slash voice, so I would expect to use it as such. I don’t see anything in the Properties Panel like your screenshot in either Write or Engrave mode.

My apologies for reading the thread title too literally. In Dorico a cue is a cue.

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Then what is the proper term for a rhythm indication on a lead sheet for a rhythm section instrument that does not refer to another instrument part, but indicates the rhythm that that instrument should play? I have always heard them referred to as “rhythm cues.”

Sure, that’s my understanding as well! Are you getting somewhere with these things?


@YourMusic.Pro It’s just clear to me (but counter-intuitive) that I cannot use a slash voice for these types of cues. I’m now using a second upstem voice and changing the noteheads. I misunderstood, and thought that one could now use a slash voice for rhythm notation and change the noteheads, but that’s not the case.

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Thanks – This is exactly what I happened to need to learn just today!

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And then one also needs to select the cue and Suppress Playback in Properties.