assign drum to output

I want to use the conga sounds in H4, but how do I assign individual drums/midi keys to separate outputs so I can control pan, and volume of each drum separately?
Thanks :confused:

The way I would do it if I was trying to do it fast and simple is put each individual conga set of samples into a layer. Add an output buss to that layer.

The MIDI mapping is done EDIT/Mapping screen

Thanks JM I"ll do that, my objective was to balance the panning so that I could do that in Cubase. What I realized is that one side of the stereo sample :confused: is attenuated, that’s a weird way to pan don’t you think

JM sorry to be a bother, but could you please explain how to put samlpe sets into a layer and how to assign it to a bus?
When you get time it would be much appreciated.
Thanks Ross :blush:

In the program tree, highlight the very top level. There will be a row if icons at the top, one of which will be create new layer. Click this. When the new layer shows up, highlight it, press F2 and give it a name. Drag and drop what you would like to have contained within this layer. Highlight the layer you just created and the top row of icons will have another named create new bus. Click this and a new bus will be assigned to that layer. Highlight the newly created bus and select an output destination for it. Voila!

thanks Cantanherous, that’s a BIG help!! :smiley:

No problem, glad I could be of assistance, I know what it is like to want to be productive, but stuck from doing so. I recently got help from another member which was a big help as well, so the least I could do was pass on the favor!

Best of luck in your productions!

Well panning is a slippery topic. Attenuation is set by panning law. You would have just as many people tell you attenuation is exactly what should happen. At least if we are using the word attenuation the same way.