Assign Fader Controller such as CMC-FD to any of the 4 mixers

Hello peeps!

Is there a way to force the CMC-FD to control any of the other mixers OTHER than mix console? Right now it seems to only control Mix Console 1.

My S3 currently reflects whatever is present in Mix Console 1 - which is great.

I have 60+ mix configurations , but I’d have to add Dx, Mx, and Fx to all of them… would be simpler if the 4-fader CMC-FD could just be assigned to mix console 4 only, and mix console 4 only contains Dx, Mx, Fx.



No, sorry, this is not possible. All Remote Controls are linked with the Mixer 1.

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But the CMC-FD addresses channels without regard to the mixer that’s open – but you can’t limit it to one which seems like what the OP is requesting.


aren’t the different Mix Consoles just one and the same Mix Console but with different configurations ? I think there actually is only one Mix Console.


There is one Mix but you can make multiple setups with different views to the Mix.

All Remote Devices follow the view of MixConsole 1.