Assign FX or quick controls to mod wheel

How would one be able to assign effects to the modulation wheel, or already assigned quick controls? Also, does audio warp effect the sound in any way you see if it’s turned on without adjusting any of the parameters? This is important if I want to preserve the original sound but only want to affect the formant Via modulation wheel.

This information will be extremely valuable to me and is time sensitive. I’'m assigning modulation sources to over 300 patches and I need this information very badly, otherwise its the usual vibrato, filter/res, and formant for every patch. I would love to spice things up a bit…

Did you try Learn CC?

You can control a lot of parameters in Halion with midi cc. Right click a reverb dry/ wet knob and select learn midi cc.

If that doesn’t work, you could use a script to do this.

It seems there is a right click menu to assign to quick control. In that quick control section there is assign to modulation wheel :smiley: It would be nice If I could still assign a quick control to the MW, though.